Logging work is finished

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Logging work is finished Empty Logging work is finished

Post  Admin on Thu 23 Jul 2015, 4:07 pm

I just wanted to let everyone know that the logging project has been finished. The only thing left to do is burn the slash piles that are left at the end of this summer. If you need firewood for your cabin and can get to the piles easily then feel free to take wood off of these piles. Please be careful as the wood might shift at any moment. Remove wood at your own risk. Please do not go down Brooks Canyon and try to take the wood from those piles as they are on a steep slope and we don't want anyone hurt up there.

The mountain is already starting the regrowth process and is looking great already. Please remember to keep it that way by not traveling off of the existing roads. Nobody wants unwanted trails on their property.

Last here is just a link to the video I made about the logging clean up last year.

*Please note that whille I am the admin of this site I am in no way shape or form a spokes person for the board. They may ask me to post stuff from time to time but anything I say is of my own opinion as a property owner unless otherwise stated.

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